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I stumbled onto another very new, very cheap, undervalued penny cryptocurrency.  This coin is still technically in ICO status until January 31st, but this is a very unique ICO because there are 2 different types of coins.  You have the basic COUP coin and then the more VIP coin called the COUPECOIN Fusion.  There are only 5 million COUPECOIN FUSIONS and there will be around 8 billion regular COUP coin.  If you would like to buy the COUPECOIN FUSION then you need to go to the website and buy as part of the ICO, but I prefer the dirt cheap regular COUP coin which can be bought on CoinExchange.


EXCHANGE : CoinExchange

Current Price : $0.000149

My Goal : $0.01 then cash out 50% (that’s 100x return)

COUPECOIN website : click here

Quick Description of the coin:

If you take a look at the Whitepaper and Roadmap of Coupecoin you find that the main concept is to build a multi-platform shopping exchange which you use Coupecoin to buy digital and physical products.

Pros :

  • Coin is dirt cheap so you can buy tons of coins
  • Everything is funded on the front end so this is not a pump and dump coin, its a steady growth coin to hodl
  • Still in development phase, very little marketing, and just got listed on an Exchange in December.
  • Has a trusted project leader
  • The coin has a purpose and solves a problem
  • It is unique, but still is based on Bitcoin/Ethereum as the basic fundementals

Upcoming Events

January 2018 – CECF Mastercard

February 2018 – Multi Shopping Platform to be launched

February 2018 – Surprise release for all founders members

April 2018 – Streaming

I’m not a big fan of the name, but this coin has good backing and a decent concept.  There are coins that are worth much more that don’t have a concept as good as this one.  At this price, I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.  Just my two cents.