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The alert for ADZcoin is well overdue.

Date : 01/09/18


Exchange : Yobit, Livecoin, CoinExchange

Current Price : 0.119404

My Goal : $1.00 then sell 25%, $10 then sell 25%, and hodl the rest for long term

ADZcoin website : click here

ADZBuzz website : click here (ADZBuzz is the foundation behind the coin, similar to Reddit or Facebook)

ADZcoin Latest news : click here

Quick Description of ADZcoin :

This should have been on my Penny CryptoCurrency Alert along time ago.  I have been following the ADZcoin development for almost 2 years now.  A lot has changed in 2 years, but the core functionality of the coin still exists, but there was just a different path to get to the finalized goal.  ADZcoin is a very unique coin in that there is a specific function of the coin, but then there is a whole HUB of services and products that are continually being built in to the network to provide revenue to fuel the coin even further.  This is by far my favorite coin and the coin that I check multiple times a day.  Since the project is so massive, it deserves its own blog post so that you can further understand the vision and fundamentals of this coin.

Pros :

  • Coin is still relatively cheap
  • Low supply of coins
  • ADZBuzz is launching their own CryptoCurrency Exchange in approximately two weeks
  • In a couple of weeks, there will be a buy back program which will diminish the supply even further (I am an Economics major and hopefully you know what happens when supply is limited)
  • The founder of the coin, Jens Steyaert is trustworthy and a great visionary
  • Development or Beta Phase has already been completed so this coin is ready to soar
  • Volume and price is already starting to rise based on upcoming news and events

As I stated earlier.  This is my favorite altcoin.  I think this has potential to rise to $50-$100 this year.  With a solid social website generating revenue and unique content, a buyback program which continually diminishes the supply, and a marketing plan to be initiated, this coin will show up on everyone’s radar shortly.  Do yourself a favor and pick up some of this coin today.