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Just in time for the New Years.

Here is another undervalued, low priced altcoin which has a lot of promise.  Now, this coin just came up on my radar 2 days ago, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and am part of the ECC Slack Channel which has a huge following!


EXCHANGE : CoinExchange

Current Price : $0.000879

My Goal : $1.00 then cash out 75%

Storms website : There is no current website as they are re-launching it, but here is the old one.  https://ecc.network/index .    And here is a preview of the new one.


Quick Description of the coin:

As ECC is the next generation of data processing, we successfully created a revolutionary multi-chain system. With an interlinked currency chain, this open-source platform enables developers to add new services based on market demand and practical needs. Our first succes in making the system user friendly is the “Address Name Service”.This feature enables you to look someone up as you would do in a messaging application. Search a nickname, as opposed to having to copy/paste addresses, and use one of ECC’s services like decentralised mail, messaging or currency wiring.

Pros :

  • Coin is dirt cheap so you can buy tons of coins
  • Still in development phase and almost no marketing has been done so it is flying under most people’s radar.  I had to really try hard to find out about this project, but am glad I did
  • Has great Project Leader and development team.  The lead developer and he is also a dev for BCH and has contributed to BTC as well.  A new developer was just added to the team yesterday and he works at Google’s Deep Al.
  • Has a cult following which is all of a sudden growing like crazy, it seems ECC has been found.  Yesterday the ECC subreddit had 330 and now its over 1,000.  Last week ECC had less than 2,000 followers and today there is around 8,000!

The new website is set to be launched be end of January 2018.  I predict ECC to have a huge year in 2018.  This is definetly a hidden gem that you need to HODL.  This has the potential to be the next Litecoin if everything goes as planned.

Join the ECC SLACK channel and take a look at the info for yourself.