My road to beating Anxiety


My Road with Anxiety

I have always been a relaxed, laid back person whom everyone thought was stress free. I mean I got nervous like everyone else, but I guess it just didn’t show on the outside. I still remember playing at Carnegie Hall when I was in High School and was crazy nervous, but everyone said I looked calm as a cucumber.

Anyways, that was the old me.

About two and a half years ago, I started having more and more anxiety. If you’ve never had anxiety before, then you are very lucky. Its hard to explain to people that simple tasks such as waiting in line, driving in traffic, or shopping at the grocery store is such a chore. All I wanted to do was to sit at home and not go anywhere. Things I used to enjoy like going to weddings, parties, or even restaurants all seemed like I was giving a public speech in front of a million people!

I still seem calm on the outside, but unfortunately I have a lot of anxiety going on inside my head. I would die if I had to play at Carnegie Hall now!

So what where my symptoms?

  • I had a heavy chest, kept feeling like I was having a heart attack
  • Weight Gain
  • increased anxiety (driving, in lines, meetings, etc.)
  • Feeling week if missing a meal
  • Brain Fog (its the worst!)
  • IBS – (irritable bowel syndrome.  Had to go to the bathroom whenever I was nervous, which was usually when I was around people or right after eating, like at a restaurant)
  • Tinnitus

What could have possibly caused my Anxiety?

  • I was a heavy drinker.
  • I had a high stress job for twelve years actually
  • I was the heaviest I had ever been, about 22 pounds to be exact.
  • I ate fast food (Chick-Fila around three times a week, and Whataburger once)
  • I was consuming mass amounts of ground beef (spaghetti, hamburgers, meatballs, etc.) every week
  • I drank coffee (only in the mornings)
  • I drank soft drinks daily (how I miss my Dr. Peppers!)

Ok, so as you can see, I wasn’t leading the healthiest lifestyle.

So what now?  I had Anxiety, how can I deal with it.  More importantly, How could I cure it?

Well, I did what most people would do…I went to my doctor who ordered blood work.  She said my blood work was normal, but I told her that I don’t feel normal.  Then she prescribed “non-habitual” pills that would help with my anxiety.  I did not want to start with anti-depressants, but I was desperate so I tried it for a couple of days, but it made me feel worse, almost like a zombie.  She said that I would get used to it.  Wow.  So I went to another doctor and got more blood work which also came back as normal.

So I decided to take it into my own hands.  I started reading books, blogs, etc. to find an answer.  It lead me to a chiropractor which said I had whiplash which seemed to make sense since I was having chest pains.  He told me that within 6 treatments, that I would be fixed.  After 20 plus treatments, I still was not cured, and he kept wanting me to come back for more adjustments so I quit going to him as well.

I was back on my own.

Well, back to square one.

The good news!

Ok, so I know this post is getting a little on the long side (especially if you don’t have anxiety!) so I will continue this on my next blog post.  Please click on the link below to continue if you want to find out more about my road to beating anxiety.

A step in the right direction

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