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Healthy eating is something that I’ve become very passionate about, and what always interest me is that there are so many differing opinions on what is healthy and what is not healthy. Years ago, I thought I knew whether coffee, fish oil, red meat, butter, orange juice, sugar, bananas, oranges, probiotics, ice cream, milk, kefir, tea, olive oil, soy, peanut butter, flour, honey, etc. were either healthy or not healthy. Now, it seems there is alternate beliefs for almost each of the listed items.

One of the most frustrating things for me and probably most people is when they try very hard to eat healthy and later find out that they were actually harming their bodies! I go to a Functional Medicine doctor who is a Clinical Kinesiologist and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist that is certified in acupuncture, reflexology & applied kinesiology, and I remember the first time I went to him he asked if I ate healthy, and I said, “Yes,” and he replied, “No, you THINK you eat healthy.” That statement is very true for all of us, we all “think” we are eating healthy, but we may actually not be eating healthy for our specific body composition, blood type, or body type.

As I told you earlier, I am a fanatic about healthy eating and such and find myself scouring the internet for new conclusive research, diets, and recipes daily just because its what interests me. So I figured in the next couple of weeks, I will try to compile what I’ve learned from my research and hopefully it will help someone attain a healthier lifestyle or at least help decide whether something is worth putting into your body or not.

Specific Foods or Supplement
-Fish Oil
-Red Meat
-Orange Juice
-Olive Oil
-Coconut Oil

-The Fast Metabolism Diet
-Eat Right for Your Blood Type
-Ketogenic Diet
-Atkins Diet
-Ray Peat

Is there any food or diet that I left out that you would like to see researched? I have tried many of these diets so I know the effects of some of them first hand and will share my research along with my results from each one. Let me know which diets you’ve tried, or which food you’ve decided to add or subtract from your diet?

***DISCLAIMER*** I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. This is all based on research, first hand experiences, and advise and lessons learned from listening to doctors. This is in no way medical advise, just further research on the subject matter. I did however stay in a Motel 6 last night if that means anything? ***