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IRS phone scam


Has anyone else been bombarded by IRS Scam phone calls? Or is it just me? How annoying is this? I received my first one about a year ago and I remember thinking that this couldn’t be real, but for some reason, it made me nervous. What? The IRS is coming after me? I have always paid my taxes and have never hid anything, but for some reason, it still made me nervous. I guess it was the idea of going to jail, even though I knew that was impossible, but the first call I got, the caller which sounded like he was from India said that if I didn’t pay immediately that he would send the police after me immediately and I had a warrant out for my arrest. The funniest part of the first call was that he had to ask me my full name, and I was thinking, how can he sent the cops after me if he doesn’t even know my name?

Anyways, since a year ago, I get a least 1-2 calls a week with IRS scams. I usually don’t answer and just look at the transcribed voicemail on my iPhone and sometimes report it to the IRS…, but for some reason, today they called twice, and I decided to give them a call back. I called them and this is how the short conversation went.

phone ringing…guy answers
guy with really thick India accent answers : “IRS department”
Me: “Hi, yes, I just received a call from this number,” and the guy started to talk, but I interrupted him and said, “Ok, listen, I know this is not the IRS and this is a scam. How do I get off this call list, I am sick of them and get them all the time.”
fake IRS : “Ok, ok, that is not possible”
Me : “No seriously, how do I get off this list, I’m not going to fall for your scam, I know its not real, you’re just wasting both of our times.”
fake IRS: “There is no way you are receiving multiple calls from us”
Me : “Yes, I get calls every week, maybe not you specifically, but another scam like yours.”
fake IRS : “Sorry, there is no way off, you just have to hang up and ignore them. It happens because you are signing up for new things”
Me : “No, no, you cannot call me. Do not all me, I want to be on the no call list. Stop calling me, its freaking annoying.”
fake IRS : “OK sir, listen…click

As you can see it was a pretty useless, boring conversation, but I still felt better.

My Wife and Dad are both CPA’s and they ensure that the IRS will never call you.  They will contact you by snail mail only.  If you are also receiving SCAM IRS calls, just ignore them but make sure to report them to the IRS just in case they can shut them down. There is nothing lower than a scammer taking hard earned money from uninformed or gullible people (usually older people…like really old) so make sure you report them.

Here is a link to the treasury.gov site which give you information on how to report scam emails, calls, or texts. –> www.treasury.gov

Stupid Scammers.  Geese.