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ECC Announces New Website Launch Date!

Today’s date : 1/20/2018

As per the project developer, ECC will be launching their newly developed website on January 26th.  As of this morning the coin has already risen 36.34% so I predict that once the website launches, the price will continue to climb.

If you haven’t already bought ECC, I suggest you buy some and either sell it for a quick gain or HODL for the long term.  Actually, what I really suggest is to buy today and sell 50-75% once the coin doubles in price and hold 25-50% for the long-term.  If you start managing your portfolio this way, you will take your profit off the table and not keep all your eggs in one basket.  If you keep holding 100% of your money for the long-term, it increases the amount of stress and risk associated with the coin.

ECC’s bright future

This is a very promising coin with a lot of potential, new whitepaper, new developers, and a loyal rapid growing community getting built around it.  I suggest buying this coin, before the price catches up to its true potential.  I don’t think this coin will ever be this cheap again.

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