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ADZCoin vs. Binance Coin (ADZ vs. BNB)

If you’ve followed my posts or tweets for a while, you know that I am very bullish on ADZcoin.  I have been part of ADZBuzz which is the social backbone to the ADZcoin for over 2 years now.   I know that a lot of you out there are unfamiliar with ADZBuzz and ADZcoin so I wanted to compare it to a coin that you may be more familiar with that shares some similarities.

What is Binance Coin? (BNB)

Binance coin is very simple.  Binance is a CryptoCurrency Exchange.  You can use BNB to pay for any fees on the Binance Exchange and when you pay with BNB, you get a discount on the fees.  There is a buyback program where every quarter, 20 percent of the profits will buy back BNB and destroy them until 50% of the BNB (100MM) are destroyed.

ADZCoin vs. Binance Coin

OK so ADZcoin is supported by ADZBuzz.  ADZBuzz just launched its own Exchange (similar to Binance) and it also has its own buyback program similar to Binance; however, there is no limit on how much is burned so the supply will continue to decrease.  Also, unlike Binance which has 200 MIllion coins total supply of which 99 million are currently in circulation, ADZcoin only has a max supply of 84 million and circulating supply of 43.5 million.  At the time of this posting, 14.6 million ADZcoins have been burned!  Check out the supply here.  Also, the trading fee’s from ADZBuzz are sent to your ADZBuzz Bonus wallet which can be used to purchase ADZBuzz communities to earn passive income for life! 

Currently BNB’s price is $12.95 and ADZ is $0.10.  So just based on this comparison, you can see why I think ADZCoin and ADZBuzz has such huge potential.  ADZBuzz just launched its Exchange weeks ago and its goal is within 6 months to add 100’s of cryptocurrency pairs, and being a top 50 CryptoCurrency Exchange.  So within 6 months time, I truly believe ADZcoin will be worth a few dollars and on its way to $10.00.

But wait, ADZBuzz is much more than just an Exchange

So this is where ADZcoin and ADZBuzz really differentiates itself from Binance Coin.  ADZBuzz has been being developed in Beta mode for a little over 2 years now.  ADZBuzz has many features which I will list below.

  1. Exchange
  2. ADZNounce/ADZLink – similar to Steem you get paid in ADZ to post content to ADZBuzz (similar to Reddit as well)
  3. Community Feature – A community is automatically built for each website that shares content to ADZBuzz.  You can purchase a community and be the community manager and earn ADZ based on userbase and user activities.  Some communites have already earned over $1000!  Currently ADZBuzz has approximately 100,000 userbase so you can imagine the potential when the userbase of ADZBuzz is in the millions.
  4. ADZBuzz Savers – coupon site (similar to Groupon) where you save money on Shopping
  5. ADZBuzz Services – similar to Fiverr
  6. Great Referral Compensation plan
  7. Titan – COMING SOON (this has been put on the back burner so that the Exchange could be built, but Titan will be added to the ADZBuzz site which will make it possible to earn ADZ from watching videos, clicking on links, paid offers, etc.

So as you can see ADZBuzz is much more than just and Exchange with a buyback plan like Binance coin.  I suggest that you buy as much as you can like I did and HODL because once this platform reaches the masses, it will no longer be a penny crypto.

Sign up here.  Its free to sign up so register and take a look around.  Once you sign up, I suggest you go to platforms -> Forum and take a look at the sticky notes.

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Ok, so after seeing all the features of ADZBuzz the fuel for ADZcoin…can you see this coin hitting $10 this year?